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Dental Crowns in West El Paso, TX

Dental crowns have become one of the most sought after restorative dental treatments, and our dentists are proud to offer patients incredible, advanced to enhance their smile. Crowns are often recommended if a patient has a chipped, filled, broken, or cracked tooth, a tooth experiencing decay, or a tooth that recently underwent a root canal.

At Stein Dentistry, our dentists can make same-day crowns with an advanced CEREC machine designed to craft stunning and durable porcelain crowns in just one visit to the practice. Interested in getting a crown? Contact us today to learn more. Here’s more about what you can expect from the process.

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What to Expect

Getting a crown has never been easier. A crown is designed to restore function and appearance to a damaged tooth. When a patient begins the process, our dentists will start by evaluating their mouth and oral health history. If a crown can help them, we’ll let them know.

The process of getting a crown involves taking scans of the patient’s mouth with our in-office CEREC machine. Gone are the days of ooey, gooey impressions; here, an easy scan is all that needs to be performed.

Then, the patient’s data will be loaded into the high-tech machine, which will begin crafting a custom porcelain crown that will be color matched to the rest of their teeth. Once the crown is made, one of our dentists will place it and cement it into place. After, the patient is free to leave and go about their normal daily activities. It’s that easy! The best part? With proper care, crowns can last a lifetime.

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Honest, Effective Care

At Stein Dentistry, our dentists believe in taking a conservative approach to care with each patient they see. They’ll never recommend care that won’t be helpful. In fact, our dentists usually try to repair a damaged tooth with a filling first in some cases, and will only recommend a crown if the filling won’t work.

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We’d love to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Contact the practice today to book an appointment and get started. Find out if your PPO dental insurance covers any portion of crowns by allowing us to verify your benefits for you before treatment begins.

We can’t wait to help you beam beautifully again. Get started today!

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Dental Crowns in West El Paso, TX