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Sleep Apnea in West El Paso, TX

Do you find yourself waking up many times each night and feeling incredibly groggy the next day? Or, maybe your partner snores and you can’t seem to get the rest your body needs. It could be due to sleep apnea, a condition that involves blocked airways when a person sleeps.

At Stein Dentistry, both of our dentists are proud to offer non-invasive solutions called oral appliances designed to comfortably and safely relieve blocked airways, allowing you to get a better night of sleep.

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What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that involves the partial or complete closure of airways in the back of the throat during sleep. When this partial closure happens, a person may snore loudly. Sometimes, a full blockage may occur, which makes the person wake up. People with untreated sleep apnea may experience 20 or more bouts of waking up each night!

The two main forms of treatment include an oxygen device, known as a CPAP machine, and an oral appliance. While CPAP machines are effective, they’re also loud and may be uncomfortable for patients to wear on their face.

In cases of mild to moderate sleep apnea, an oral appliance may help. The appliance is custom-fit to a patient, and is designed to move the jaw forward to keep the airways in the back of the throat open. When the throat remains open, a person will get better, uninterrupted sleep.

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What to Expect

Before booking a visit with the practice, it’s important that a patient visits a sleep doctor and participates in a sleep study, so they can receive a diagnosis of mild to moderate sleep apnea. Once the diagnosis is made, patients are free to book an appointment with us.

The process begins by taking digital scans of the mouth. Then, we’ll send the scans to a lab to have the device custom made. When it arrives back in the practice, a patient will come in to try it on. If everything fits comfortably, they’re free to leave with the appliance and begin use immediately after.

Sometimes, the patient’s sleep doctor may ask them to come back in to determine if the appliance is helping them sleep more soundly.

Learn More Today

We’d love to welcome you into the practice to learn more about how non-invasive oral sleep apnea appliances may be beneficial. Oral appliances are sometimes covered under PPO insurance plans, and we’re happy to check for you. For more information or to book a consultation, feel free to reach out today.

We can’t wait to help patients (and their partners) experience better sleep. Book a visit!

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Sleep Apnea in West El Paso, TX